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Broken Hill Eco Green

Broken Hill, a city located in the far west of the Australian state of New South Wales, is known for its mining heritage. However, the city is also home to a number of environmentally conscious businesses that contribute to the overall goal of creating a sustainable future. In this article, we will take a look at some of the businesses that are making a positive impact on the environment in Broken Hill.

1. Broken Hill Solar Farm

Broken Hill Solar Farm is one of the biggest contributors to renewable energy in the region. Their solar plant, located just outside the city, is capable of producing 56MW of renewable energy, enough to power over 17,000 homes. The solar farm offsets carbon emissions and reduces the city's reliance on traditional fossil fuels. Their solar panels also create job opportunities for locals, providing a boost to the city's economy.

Contact Details:
Address: 674 Iodide St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (02) 6070 6699

2. Sunset Childcare

Sunset Childcare, a local childcare center, is dedicated to teaching young children the importance of taking care of the planet. They incorporate eco-friendly practices into their daily routine, such as using reusable plates and utensils instead of single-use items. They also have an outdoor garden where children can grow their own fruits and vegetables, teaching them about sustainable agriculture. Their programs encourage children to be mindful of their environmental impact, fostering a sense of responsibility and accountability at an early age.

Contact Details:
Address: 152 Oxide St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (02) 8090 8588

3. Oz Minerals

Oz Minerals, a mining company based in Broken Hill, is committed to reducing their environmental impact through sustainable practices. They have implemented an Environmental Management System (EMS) that includes measures to track and manage their impact on the environment. They have also reduced their use of water and energy, reclaimed and recycled materials, and minimized their waste. Through their conservation efforts, Oz Minerals is helping to protect the environment for future generations.

Contact Details:
Address: 31 Chloride St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (02) 8075 4100

4. Outback Solar

Outback Solar is a local supplier of solar panels and renewable energy solutions in Broken Hill. They offer a variety of services, from solar panel installation for homes and businesses to advice on energy-efficient practices. They strive to make renewable energy accessible to everyone, reducing the carbon footprint of the community and helping to build a more sustainable future.

Contact Details:
Address: 53b Gaffney St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (02) 8075 4163

5. RedEarth Energy Storage

RedEarth Energy Storage, a locally owned and operated business, is committed to providing sustainable energy storage solutions for homes and businesses in Broken Hill. They offer a range of products, including batteries that store renewable energy generated by solar panels, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources. By empowering customers to take control of their energy use, RedEarth Energy Storage is helping to drive the transition towards a more sustainable future.

Contact Details:
Address: 54 Radium St, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Phone: (02) 8075 4100

the businesses listed here are just a few examples of the many organizations in Broken Hill that are working towards a more sustainable future. Each of them, in their own unique way, is contributing towards the goal of creating a cleaner and more environmentally friendly city. By implementing eco-friendly practices and adopting sustainable solutions, these businesses are setting an example for others to follow. Together, they are helping to build a brighter future for the community and the planet.

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