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Broken Hill is located in the far west of New South Wales, Australia. It is known for its mining heritage and stunning desert landscapes.

Getting There

You can reach Broken Hill by air, road or rail. The nearest airport is Broken Hill Airport, which has regular flights from Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. Alternatively, you can drive to Broken Hill from Sydney or Adelaide via the Barrier Highway. There is also a train service which runs from Adelaide to Broken Hill.

Things to Do

1. Visit the Miners Memorial

The Miners Memorial is a tribute to the miners who lost their lives in the mines. You can learn about the mining history of Broken Hill and pay your respects to the miners who worked in the mines.

2. Tour the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery

The Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery is home to an extensive collection of Australian art. You can admire the artworks and learn about the artists who created them.

3. Explore the Living Desert Sculptures

The Living Desert Sculptures are a collection of large sandstone sculptures that are spread across the desert landscape. You can walk through the sculptures and admire the stunning views of the desert.

4. Visit the Royal Flying Doctor Service Base

The Royal Flying Doctor Service Base is located in Broken Hill and is open to visitors. You can learn about the important work that the Royal Flying Doctor Service does and see the planes that they use to provide medical assistance to people in remote areas.

Where to Stay

There are several accommodation options in Broken Hill, including hotels, motels, apartments and camping sites. Some popular options include the Royal Exchange Hotel, the Palace Hotel and the Broken Hill Tourist Park.

Visit Broken Hill

Broken Hill is a fascinating destination that offers a unique blend of history, art and stunning desert landscapes. Whether you are interested in mining history, art or just want to experience the beauty of the outback, Broken Hill has something to offer.

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